Social Selling Bypasses Gatekeepers, Positions You As a Trusted Advisor & Slashes the Sales Cycle by as much as 20 Days  [when done correctly)

More and more organizations are seeing outstanding results when incorporating Social Selling into their sales process…

Is yours?

  • FACT

    Cold calls are ineffective 97% of the time – according to a recent study by IBM preference. And this number has been increasing by 7% EVERY YEAR since 2010.

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    Marketing departments generate only 30% of the leads a sales person will work with. That means 70% must come from the sales person’s own prospecting efforts.

  • FACT

    LinkedIn has over 300 million users – the vast majority manage their own accounts.

Imagine an entire TEAM of quota busting sales pros in your company!

It’s possible – but only if you embrace the new paradigm of social selling.

Training sales people to cold call just doesn’t work anymore. Today’s buyer is more sophisticated, more willing to research options before bringing in a sales person and busier than ever.

If you can connect with them BEFORE the process starts, establish a relationship based on mutual respect and trust, and be there when they’re ready to buy, you have a much higher likelihood of closing the sale.

And what if your entire team embraced this way of selling? Can you see the possibilities?

Working with just one seasoned rep at a company, Melonie was able to help him boost his lead flow by 25%, cut his research time in half and triple his average sale price. He went from middle of the pack to superstar – literally overnight.

Software company, inContact, recently tested Social Selling against traditional methods with its sales force. The results were indisputable: The sales professionals who had adapted the social selling methods had 160% larger sales pipelines than those who didn’t after only three months. (Check out this case study in the book, The LinkedIn Code.)

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the entire team to embrace social selling. The company realized 215% more revenue in their sales pipeline in only nine months.

Turn Your Sales Team into a Social Selling MACHINE!

Let Melonie Dodaro show you how to end the cycle of cold calling, leaving messages and HOPING for a call back. Her Social Selling Training program moves sales teams from the “dark ages” into the future: creating far more effective and productive sales people who actually LOVE to show up at work each day.

You’ll see more and better prospects in the pipeline, shorter sales cycles, higher average sales sizes and increased profits!

“Melonie provided our sales force with a training series on LinkedIn and how to best leverage the platform in their selling process. Melonie spent several months researching our business, getting to know our Sales Management team and asking lots of questions in order to tailor the training specifically to our needs. She is extremely knowledgeable, results-oriented, quick to respond to questions and overall a pleasure to work with. We knew we had to explore the world of social media and LinkedIn seemed like the right place to start. After our first meeting with Melonie, we knew she’d be a great fit.

The training she provided our team opened a whole new avenue to prospect and generate new business, connect with existing clients, and other professionals in our industry. I would highly recommend her services to other business professionals.”
~ ERIN PEIKOFF, National Leasing, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Melonie’s Social Selling Program is thorough.

Your team will start by laying the foundation for their success by learning how to create the ideal LinkedIn profile designed to attract prospects. Having the right language in your profile is necessary for having high-level decision makers actually accept the connection request.

No more wasted time talking to tire-kickers and wannabes. Suddenly you’ll see results in even your newest reps!

Once your team has a professional and client-focused LinkedIn profile, the fun begins:

Melonie takes everyone through a proven, step-by-step process designed to help them connect with the RIGHT people: the decision makers. From carefully crafted messaging to powerful ways to stay in front of buyers, Melonie’s system flat out WORKS.


“I have been in sales for over 30 years, set up and trained numerous sales teams and have worked with companies and businesses helping them to implement high conversion sales strategies. Melonie is the ONLY social media expert I know that FOCUSES on how to use social media as a part of a profitable sales strategy. She understands how to create the perfect balance between VALUE and then how to convert those relationships created through social media into paying customers for her clients. With Melonie’s help, I have been able to develop a professional and compelling presence on LinkedIn that continues to generate leads for my business. Whenever I have ANY question related to social media, there is only ONE place I go – straight to Melonie Dodaro at Top Dog Social Media!

~ DEBBIE WHITE, Sales Trainer & Speaker, Scottsdale, Arizona

Book Your Free Consultation

Melonie works with select sales teams and organizations to help them master the art and science of social selling. She’ll be the first to let you know whether your company is a fit or not. Her process is not for every company.

If your organization is stuck in the “dialing for dollars” philosophy, this won’t work for you.

If you already have more business than you can handle, you won’t be a fit.

If you think the Internet is just a fad that will pass, this won’t work for you.

But if you’re SERIOUS about growing your pipeline of qualified leads and prospects with the most up-to-date methods and skills, social selling is the answer.

And there’s no one more qualified to teach than Melonie Dodaro.

Dubbed, “Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert” by the media, she is on the cutting edge of social selling. After successfully growing her own business she is on a mission to help other sales focused organizations master social selling and take advantage of the full power of LinkedIn.

If you want your team to get REAL WORLD training for RESULTS. The team at Top Dog Social Media will contact you to discuss if your company is a fit for this powerful Social Selling Training Program.

About Melonie:

MELONIE DODARO is the author of the international #1 bestseller The LinkedIn Code. She is also the Founder of Top Dog Social Media, a social media agency that helps brands and sales teams use social selling to boost their visibility, attract new customers and increase their revenue.

Social Media Examiner recognizes her blog as one of Top 10 Social Media Blogs of 2014. On top of that, the media calls her Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert and social media strategist. Melonie provides LinkedIn training to corporate sales teams and speaks worldwide at both industry and corporate events and conferences.








LinkedIn Domination Bootcamp is by far, one of the best courses I have ever taken. The materials covered in the lessons were explained and demonstrated very well.

Bruce Wells
Bruce WellsAlbuquerque, New Mexico

Melonie Dodaro confirms her position as a top, if not THE top, LinkedIn Expert around.

Marjorie Saulson
Marjorie SaulsonFranklin, Michigan

Melonie’s hands on approach to creating the perfect LinkedIn profile and setting up lead generating campaigns is brilliant! The strategies she teaches are spot on.

Russ Banister
Russ BanisterKelowna, British Columbia

Melonie is the go-to source for setting up your LinkedIn profile the right way! PLUS, she shows you step by step how to build your network and finds leads THE RIGHT WAY! A must for anyone that wants to succeed on LinkedIn!

Terri Hall
Terri HallCharleston, South Carolina

Melonie’s LinkedIn Domination Bootcamp is the best program for using LinkedIn for business results, period. Don’t miss it!

Andrei Jablokow
Andrei JablokowPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania